April 22, 2019 Blogs

I’m rationing my inhalers.

My name is Larry Weinstein and I am from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I am passionate about advocating for causes that impact people’s health care, specifically for more affordable medication.

I have diabetes and require various types of insulin, including Tresiba and Victoza. Each goes for over $200 per month and I simply can’t afford that. My other medication, Fiasp, is even more expensive at a whopping $600.

Another expensive medication that I absolutely need is GlaxoSmithKline’s Breo Ellipta, which I use to treat my COPD. I’m supposed to get the inhalers every few months, but I simply can’t afford it. When I went to fill my prescription, I was told that it would be $300 for a pack of two inhalers. Who can afford that? I got samples from my doctor, and I ration what I have – but I know that can’t be good for my health.

If I weren’t able to get my medications, I know I would get very sick. It would put my life at risk. I’m thankful for the samples I currently get for my doctor, but I worry for the day when he runs out. I need my Breo to breathe, and GlaxoSmithKline has priced the simple act of breathing easy out of my reach.


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