Johnnye Denman

Jackson, MS

“I am an elderly retiree with limited mobility, chronic pain, and some major health issues. I have little to no discretionary income after paying major expenses: housing, utilities, food, etc. That often includes not having money to buy the maintenance prescription medications I am supposed to take every day. When the cost is too high, I have no choice. When my last Epi-Pen (for severe allergic reaction that can be life-threatening) needed to be replaced, there was no way I could pay for it, so I now do without and just hope I don’t desperately need one. It’s time for Congress to step up to the plate and do the right thing by passing a bill that will lower drug prices to the reasonable costs paid in other countries or allow us to buy them from Canada.”

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The prescription drug pricing system in the U.S. is rigged against patients. We are fighting to change that.

Patients For Affordable Drugs will collect patient stories and amplify the voices of patients to make policymakers understand the heavy toll of high priced drugs.

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Patients For Affordable Drugs is the only independent national patient organization focused exclusively on achieving policy changes to lower the price of prescription drugs.