Gail deVore

Denver, CO

Type 1 Diabetes

“I have had Type1 diabetes since Valentine’s Day in 1972. For the last 45 years I have seen the invention of home glucose meters, insulin pumps, better insulin, continuous glucose monitors (CGM), and many other new and advancing treatment options for type 1 diabetics. I have also had the privilege of using all these options, which allow me to be complication free and in good health. These are not “special devices” or extraordinary treatment options. These are the devices that allow a diabetic to live without as much fear of complications and an early death due to diabetes from high blood sugar or severe low blood sugar. The ability to constantly monitor the status of our blood sugars is critical in saving our lives. However, it all comes with a very high price. A single bottle of insulin costs about $350. Many diabetics need multiple bottles per month to simply stay alive. Supplies can also cost about $1,000 per month on top of that, despite insurance coverage and prescription benefits. These costs are exorbitant. Considering the risks diabetics like myself face, the costs are absolutely unacceptable. Something must be done to lower the cost of insulin, supplies and all other prescribed medications!”

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The prescription drug pricing system in the U.S. is rigged against patients. We are fighting to change that.

Patients For Affordable Drugs will collect patient stories and amplify the voices of patients to make policymakers understand the heavy toll of high priced drugs.

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