The Truth About Innovation & Drug Prices

More from patient advocates:

Marcus LaCour is a husband, father, minister, and insulin affordability advocate from Cincinnati, Ohio. Over two decades with Type 1 diabetes, high drug prices have forced Marcus to put his life at risk by rationing medication. You can read Marcus’s story here.

Don Kreis is a drug pricing advocate from New Hampshire who is fighting back against Big Pharma’s spin on behalf of his daughter, Rose, who lives with cystic fibrosis. You can read Don and Rose’s full story here.

Jacqueline Garibay is a college student from Austin, Texas who lives with an autoimmune disorder called ankylosing spondylitis. AS is a lifelong condition, meaning Jacqueline is dependent on innovative new drugs coming to market –– but lives in fear of what that means for her finances. You can read Jacqueline’s story here.

Sa’Ra Skipper is an insulin affordability advocate from Indianapolis. Both Sa’Ra and her sister have been living with type 1 diabetes since childhood, and the sky-high price of insulin once sent Sa’Ra’s sister into a dangerous hospitalization. You can read Sa’Ra’s story here.

Clayton McCook is an equine veterinarian and father from Oklahoma whose eldest daughter, Lily, lives with type 1 diabetes. He lives in constant worry about Lily’s future due to the high price of insulin –– which moved him to speak out against Big Pharma’s fear-mongering. You can read Clayton’s story here.

Jacquie Persson is an art director from Waterloo, Iowa who lives with Crohn’s disease. Stelara, the drug that manages Jacquie’s symptoms, carries a price of nearly $25,000 each month. You can read Jacquie’s story here.

Steven Hadfield is a grandfather from North Carolina who lives with both diabetes and a rare form of blood cancer. Currently, his drug prices are so high he simply cannot afford to retire. You can read Steven’s story here.


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