COVID-19 Blog Series

Wall Street and Big Pharma Team Up to Push High Prices for COVID-19 Treatments and Vaccines

by David Mitchell and Juliana Keeping, published 6/10

U.S. Taxpayers Fuel Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine

by David Mitchell and Sarah Kaminer Bourland, published 5/10

A Not-for-profit Vaccine from Johnson & Johnson? Not So Fast.

by David Mitchell, published 4/28

COVID-19: Why Drug Corporations Didn’t Invest in Vaccines Until a Global Pandemic

by David Mitchell and Ben Wakana, published 4/20

COVID-19: Follow the Money

by David Mitchell and Ben Wakana, published 4/15

COVID-19 Treatments Won’t Work if We Can’t Afford Them

by David Mitchell, published 3/26


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