July 8, 2024 Blogs

Harold Brown’s Story

Hello, my name is Harold Brown, I am 78 years old and from Cleveland, Ohio. 

Prior to my retirement, I worked for the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company for 27 years and have since worked various jobs. I even graduated college at the age of 67 with an associate’s degree in social work in 2013 and am now fully retired. Although I have these many great accomplishments, I unfortunately live with a number of health conditions which have made my life a little challenging at times. I have high blood pressure, heart failure due to weak heart muscle, and type 2 diabetes, which all require a number of prescription medications, but most notably and most expensive is my Entresto prescription. 

I was given Entresto by my heart doctor as an additional medication to my routine to treat my heart health but was left speechless by its $700 monthly cost. I felt disrespected and thought of as being a “fool”. 

As a patient with Medicare coverage through United Healthcare, I am thankful for having a majority of my health care costs covered. But there were instances in which my Entresto prescriptions were costing me hundreds of dollars a month prior to getting into a patient assistance program, which I have to apply to each year and see if I am approved. This is just not right. If I had to pay out of pocket for my heart medication, I would just have to go without it and trust in God for my life. I mean this.

I have already had to decline to purchase prescription medications because I couldn’t afford them and wish to not do so again. But the truth of the matter is, as Americans, it shouldn’t have to be this way. 

It is a proven fact that there are many cures for many ailments, but some doctors and Big Pharma have worked together to keep us paying ridiculous prices for medications that should be free, or at least cheaper. 

We need lower cost prescription drugs now!



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