June 26, 2024 Blogs

Kaye Peterson’s Story

Hello! My name is Kaye Peterson, I am 66 years old, from Lebanon, Kentucky, and am a retired librarian. 

I am a patient living with a few medical conditions, which have caused me to experience high cost prescription drugs. In 1983, I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In 2016, I survived a heart attack which followed with a diagnosis of polyneuropathy in 2024. 

Currently, I am blessed to have Anthem Medicare advantage (MA)  insurance coverage but I worry that if I’m hospitalized, MA won’t cover the bill. And since I have multiple health issues, I’d have to pass a physical exam to revert back to regular Medicare, which is so skewed against me.  Additionally, if Congress guts the Inflation Reduction Act and the Affordable Care Act, I’ll lose the $35 insulin price. 

Even with good insurance coverage, prescription drug prices are still ridiculously high for patients who need them, including me if I had to pay out of pocket. The current medications I am on are Lispro for $639.59 and Lantus for $649.75, both of which I pay $35 per vial, and Midodrine for $185.99 which is completely covered. Furthermore, I have to use a rollator, because of my neuropathy and balance issues, and I now live in an assisted living facility — which has been a good move for me. This being said, a minor change in my insurance could leave me with soaring out-of-pocket costs. Thus, I believe in lower prescription drug prices because I am way too tired to have to continue asking this question: 

“How many people have to continue to die because they can’t afford their insulin and inhalers?”



Patients For Affordable Drugs is the only independent national patient organization focused exclusively on achieving policy changes to lower the price of prescription drugs.