May 30, 2024 Blogs

Deanna Robinson’s Story

My name is Deanna Robinson, and I reside in Mazeppa, Minnesota. I’ve spent my career in court reporting, but my life took a challenging turn when I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) in 1999.

Managing my health has been a constant battle, both emotionally and financially. Mentally, the stress and worry have taken a toll but it’s the financial burden that weighs heaviest on me. My prescription for Imbruvica, a vital medication, costs over $12,000 a month. While I am fortunate to have medical insurance that covers a percentage, I still find myself scrambling for grants each year to offset the astronomical costs.

The process of finding grants and navigating the complexities of specialty pharmacies has been incredibly stressful. I vividly recall an encounter with an insurance representative who was unhelpful and rude, causing me to miss an entire month of my prescription. It took months of persistence to find a specialty pharmacy that would accommodate my needs. This experience highlighted the flaws in our healthcare system and the challenges faced by patients like me.

I firmly believe that access to affordable drug prices should be a fundamental right for all Americans. We have paid taxes and contributed to Social Security throughout our lives, expecting that these systems would support us in times of need, including our retirement years. It’s disheartening to see our hard-earned savings diverted elsewhere, leaving us to bear the burden of exorbitant medical costs and prescription drug prices.



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