May 15, 2024 Blogs

Ruth Wolfson-Phillips’s Story

My name is Ruth Wolfson-Phillips, and I live in Beverly Hills, Florida. I’ve dedicated my career to health care as a legal nurse consultant, but my own health battles have been profound. At 73 years old, I’ve faced a myriad of diagnoses spanning decades, including chronic kidney disease, chronic pancreatitis, asthma, type 2 diabetes, anemia, COPD, and gastroparesis, among others. These conditions have not only taken a toll on my physical health but have also significantly impacted me mentally, socially, and financially.

One thing that’s been a constant struggle is the financial aspect of managing my health. I’ve had medical bills piling up for the past seven years, and it’s been tough. I haven’t been able to afford MRI or CT scans, and even simple things like groceries have become a challenge. I’ve had to resort to playing cellphone games just to make ends meet.

Access to affordable medications has been a lifeline. I’ve had to fight for grants to afford crucial drugs like Farxiga to stop the progression of kidney disease and Repatha Sureclick injections to prevent high LDL cholesterol levels. Without these medications, I would likely be on a transplant list or undergoing dialysis. The exorbitant prices of medications like Lipitor, which proved ineffective for me, highlight the urgency of affordable drug prices for all.

My advocacy is deeply personal and extends beyond my own struggles. In this journey, my husband Leonard has been my rock. A USMC veteran, he fights for his service connection while navigating his own health challenges. Together, we navigate the complexities of healthcare, hoping for a future where affordable healthcare is a reality for all.



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