August 5, 2021 Blogs

To keep advocating for others, I need to afford my medication.

My name is Samantha Norris and I’m from Auburn Hills, Michigan. The drugs keeping my Hodgkin’s lymphoma in remission are priced at more than $1 million a year. I’m currently $20,000 in debt due to my health challenges, including from covering the exorbitant prices of my medications. Bills arrive all the time, and I’m overwhelmed by the prices of my drugs. 

I earned my law degree while undergoing intense cancer treatment — including 58 bags of chemo, and over 10 surgeries, and a life-saving autologous stem cell transplant. I’ve just started a position at a firm where I will litigate on behalf of tenants who are facing eviction. I’m super passionate about law and hope to continue working in public interest. My accomplishments are a huge source of pride for me, and my lived experiences and expertise have motivated me to advocate for others in my community. That’s a big part of why I’m sharing my story now — to raise awareness about the extreme prices of cancer drugs and maintenance treatments that patients endure. 

To keep advocating for others, I need to afford my medications. But with prices so high, there are no guarantees I’ll be able to afford the medicine I need to live. I love spending time with my parents, friends, and my dog, Judge. One day I’d like to have children. Congress needs to understand what is at stake for me and other cancer patients and lower the prices of our prescription drugs.



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