April 2, 2020 Blogs

The costs really add up for us seniors.

My name is Beverly McClure and I am from Grand Junction, Colorado. I am 87 years old and have type 2 diabetes. When I was first diagnosed, the medicines for my diabetes were quite inexpensive.

I don’t work any longer because I can’t, and I live on a fixed income. My insurance covers the majority of the necessary medications I’ve been prescribed. Janumet for diabetes and Losartan for high blood pressure are the key medications I need, and I’m glad insurance covers the majority of it.

But I have also had glaucoma and macular degeneration since the 90s, and the medications I need –– Alphagan and Travastan –– are outrageously priced. The cost of both is typically over $167 per month. I also have asthma and was prescribed an inhaler, Qvar, which I take twice a day, and which I pay another $34 for. The costs really add up for us seniors.

Because I live on a fixed income, these prices really take a toll. I wish I could enjoy retirement, but instead I have to live without entertainment or any activities that eat up the money I need for my meds. Senior citizens deserve more, and I implore my legislators to take action.


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