January 7, 2019 Blogs

Meet January Price Fighting Hero Leah Clark

When she was 12, doctors diagnosed Leah Clark with Crohn’s Disease, celiac disease, and psoriasis. Now a college student from Columbus, Wisconsin, Leah currently takes Remicade, an infusion drug administered via IV. Remicade costs around $13,000 a treatment — a price Leah knows could be devastating to her life and her future.

Leah adamantly believes that no one should have to suffer because they cannot afford a prescription drug they need.

She is passionate about medication being affordable, not only for herself, but for the millions of people impacted by high cost drugs. Leah traveled to Washington, DC in November to combat the high prices of prescription drugs, speaking to her legislators in order to push for changes that help patients. She has shared her story online and advocated for others who are struggling against high drug prices. As a counselor at a camp for young people living with Crohn’s and colitis, she sees the adversity the next generation will face if the cost of their medications doesn’t start to come down.

Leah Clark is a January 2018 Price Fighting Hero for being an inspiration to patients who are battling expensive drug prices.

Over the last few months, P4AD has honored FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, multiple sclerosis patient Victoria Stuessel, the former Administrator of CMS Andy Slavitt, metastatic breast cancer patient and advocate Becky Hall, Nevada State Senator Yvanna Cancela, T1International founder Elizabeth Rowley, Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum, and dry eye patient and advocate Ann Neilson.


Patients For Affordable Drugs’ Price Fighting Heroes is a series highlighting advocates in the fight to lower prescription drug prices. We will honor patients, private sector leaders, policy makers, and elected officials who are advocating for patients and fighting for lower drug prices. In doing so, we hope to encourage others to join the fight and continue their good work. We plan to feature our heroes on our social media accounts and blog, lift up their stories in the media and honor them at an event in 2019. If you have someone you want to nominate as a hero, you can do so here.


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