May 14, 2018 News

PBS NewsHour: Will Trump’s drug prices plan make a difference for patients?

President Trump unveiled his plan for lowering prescription drug prices in a speech on Friday, in which he railed against the “very, very rich” middlemen and assured the American people of “tougher negotiation, more competition and much lower prices at the pharmacy counter.”

David Mitchell, a cancer patient and the president of Patients For Affordable Drugs, weighed in on the Administration’s plans with John Yang on PBS NewsHour.

“We got a bunch of singles and we got a couple of whiffs. There are some things in this set of proposals that will save money for some people, especially people on Medicare who are using very high-cost drugs. But the president promised that he would lower list prices. And if you look at the proposal, the shortest part is about lowering list prices, and we really have to get at list prices set by the drug companies if we’re going to drive down prices overall.”

Read a transcript and watch the report in the below video. Then, check out a round up of top headlines surrounding the announcement.

Top Headlines from Trump’s Drug Pricing Speech


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