January 25, 2018 Blogs

The Pharma Cycle: More Lobbying, Raise Drug Prices, More Profits, Give Campaign Cash, Repeat

January 25

Pharma’s formula is pretty simple.

Step 1: Spend millions lobbying for laws that protect its monopoly pricing power.
Step 2: Raise drug prices so Americans spend their retirement savings, college tuition, and credit card debt on overpriced prescription drugs.
Step 3: Reward your supporters with campaign contributions!

But don’t take our word for it…

AXIOS: “No health care lobbying group splurged more than the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, which spent $25.4 million in 2017 — a 30% jump from 2016.” January 25, 2018

FINANCIAL TIMES: “Drugmakers have imposed price rises of several times the rate of inflation on more than a thousand products in the US, a New Year move that risks a political backlash…” January 4, 2018


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