November 3, 2017 Blogs

The world needs more people like Beth Caldwell

November 3

Our friend Beth passed away on Nov. 2 after living with metastatic breast cancer since 2014.

Beth became an advisor for Patients for Affordable Drugs in the fall of 2016, providing endless encouragement leading up to our launch. She counseled us about the struggles late-stage breast cancer patients endure to afford drugs. Patient advisors allow our organization to focus on ground-level problems faced by real patients, so we can help to solve them.

The former civil rights attorney and author fought for the disabled, women and children as well as other late-stage breast cancer patients as the co-founder of MetUp, a metastatic cancer organization fighting for research funding. The wife and mom to two also fought hard to stay alive so she could see her daughter off to kindergarten.

You can read more about Beth on her blog,, where she documented her journey with humor, love and an indomitable spirit.

Godspeed, Beth.

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